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About us

 Based on 27+ experience of Mr Goyal, in the vocational arena, a need for higher education that leads to a steady growth in chosen vocation was felt which otherwise is mostly available to influential strata of the society only. The programs under CTEL are conceived based on a vision of social upliftment of the society by imparting world class education and skills to students at an affordable fees structure to enable them to compete for well-paid jobs in a highly competitive environment. 

CTEL, Centre for Technology Enabled Learning, is the new initiative of Panacea eBiz Consulting Group, founded by Ravinder Goyal, a veteran in education & skilling with 27+ years of experience. He has a significant trajectory in terms of his contribution to the education & skilling ecosystem, that will promote the use of Technology Enabled Learning where students can learn at their own pace, test the understanding of the lecture and collaborate with peers and faculty for experiential learning using webinars, chat rooms etc.

All the programs under CTEL umbrella will be offered as 100% on-line programs. At CTEL, the video lectures will simulate the virtual class learning environments, where one will not only become self- organized and direct the learning but also have the excellent faculty with 20+ years of teaching / industry experience at renowned institutions.

CTEL programs will follow the standard curriculum and will offer latest updates through video lectures which will be updated and added in the curriculum, as and when the need arises. The most reasonable Fee Structure as compared with other online programs is another advantageous factor for the students.With CTEL, students are exposed to best quality lectures and clear understanding at micro level with case study and examples from the faculty which is available in“24×7” format as per the convenience of the students.

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